An Open Letter To Brandon, My Club Penguin Boyfriend

Dear Brandon, I remember it well. It was the Fourth of July, 2009. We met in the coffee shop and I was dazzled by your blond hair- or, more specifically, your blond wig, because penguins don't have hair. You told me I was pretty, even though I was just a penguin. You added me to... Continue Reading →


The Damsel in Depress

It might make me a bad feminist, but I want someone to rescue me. I’ve been told, save yourself and be the hero your hero never can. But after a while the hero I was grew fangs and red eyes and leaked hot, poisonous breaths.     From hero to villain she had many names:... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Movies of 2017

So I am quite the film junkie and one of my favorite pastimes is going to see movies in the theater- especially since we have a cheap theater in town that allows you to go see movies for 3.50 (2.50 on Tuesdays) and fortunately my friend also really likes to go see movies with me... Continue Reading →

Why Self-Help Isn’t Overrated

Wow. You know it's been a long time since you last blogged when WordPress asks you to manually log in again. So as we all know, new years bring new resolutions and expectations and last year I did something absolutely crazy, I actually accomplished one of my resolutions. I lost about 15 pounds and started... Continue Reading →

Crazy Roommate Story #1 (of many): K.

There's something about me that apparently attracts some nasty people. Without fail I end up next to rude people on airplanes, snotty people in my class, guys that get upset when I don't become their girlfriend after two texts, and messy, thieving, passive-aggressive roommates. There are many, many crazy roommate stories that I can share, but I'm... Continue Reading →

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