Crazy Roommate Story #1 (of many): K.

There's something about me that apparently attracts some nasty people. Without fail I end up next to rude people on airplanes, snotty people in my class, guys that get upset when I don't become their girlfriend after two texts, and messy, thieving, passive-aggressive roommates. There are many, many crazy roommate stories that I can share, but I'm... Continue Reading →


Hopeless Romantic

I feel threatened when people know me too well. Yesterday during a Facebook chat with my friend, she told me something that I thought I knew to be true, but I never really put into words before. Roughly quoted, she said that past my prickly and cynical exterior, I was the biggest, most hopeless romantic.... Continue Reading →

Honest Writer’s Unblocking

I've heard that sometimes if you don't know what to say that you should keep typing until something comes up and I decided to experiment and try that instead of working on my paper like a good little straight A student. Here goes.   They say write write write and don’t stop before something true... Continue Reading →

No One Owes You a Text Back

Unsurprisingly,  nearly all of my romantic encounters have been exceedingly awkward, but there's been one recently that just takes the cake.   For the sake of identity secrecy and because I've been watching the Bachelorette a lot recently, we'll call this guy Lee. So when I first met Lee, he had just gone through a... Continue Reading →

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