Finals Week and Anxiety: Why Am I Like This? 

I haven’t been up to par as far as posting during these past two weeks, but I think my excuse as of late for doing just about anything is fairly good: finals.

Studying for finals, stressing about finals, stress-eating about finals, procrastinating on finals. Really though, that excuse gets milked by students everywhere at the end of a semester- although mine’s ending a little earlier because unlike most college students, we don’t have Spring Break here at the BYU schools.

However, finals are always such a huge ordeal. I have the best intentions come the beginning of March but then April rolls around and I’m swamped in everything I meant to do but put off because I thought I had time. How have I not learned?

Why am I writing this? …Maybe I have a project I should be working on about the virtues of divergence in a classroom or a test on the grammar of the Generative Sentence…

But I’m trying to be optimistic because while I haven’t worked towards the finals in my various courses, I’ve put a lot of effort into my work and ensuring that I understand the concepts we’ve discussed. However, it seems that no matter how much work I put into a class or if I’ve spent hours studying for a test… somehow the moment the paper is before me, I second guess everything on it. Things that I’ve known the whole semester suddenly seem doubtful.

Finals are stressful for everybody, but when you have anxiety, it feels like you’re taking blind stabs in the dark no matter how long you studied.

I only have a few days left, so I know it’ll be over soon and hopefully sometime after then I can publish my piece about Anne Boleyn. I anticipate it’ll be a long and informative read, so stay tuned.


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