Theatre and Love At First Sight

I’ve talked a big game about my poetry so it’s about time that I actually posted some of it. So this is “The Actor”.

As the young actor recites his lines
There’s something about his voice
That sends shivers along the dips
of her spine.


As he looks in her general direction
There’s something about his gaze
That makes her believe it’s hers, his


As he breaks down weeping
There’s something about his sobs
that makes her give a heart to his


As he takes the final bow
There’s a sadness to the ovation
as she would willingly to him all
her love avow.


As she looks back at that matinee,
There’s a nostalgia for the stage
And the feeling that she’d love him
for her days.


As she remembers her willing heart
There’s a joy in the naiveté of a girl
who was willing to love at first sight
an actor’s part.


I wrote this while reminiscing about my trip to England last August and September. The trip was a study abroad program with the English department at BYUI and through this trip, we were fortunate enough to see a musical on West End, two plays at the Globe, and a production by The Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford- although my friends Jordan, Quinn, and me were fortunate enough to see another one. However, it was then that so began to notice a trend: with nearly every production of theatre I’ve seen, I “fell in love” with one of the actors.

It sounds silly but here’s the evidence:

My first professional Broadway show: Les Mis in August 2014. Marius sent my heart a flutter and I couldn’t help but feel the truth of the line when he sang “tomorrow you’ll be worlds away” because I’d be flying back across the country within the weekend. I did also see Phantom but my heart was still entangled with Marius to give it away again.

In August 2015, I saw Wicked with my beautiful sister and I’m sure it’s obvious who stole my heart this time but honestly, those pants don’t make it fair.

I didn’t see Aaron Tveit but this is probably the best way to display the Fiyero pants.

August 2016: this list is going to get longer here.

While I will say that I thought that the Globe production of Midsummer Night’s Dream was a hot mess, I thought Lysander was pretty hot. I wouldn’t say it was “love”.

I thought myself cured the next night when we saw Macbeth, which restored my faith in the Globe after the previous night’s Midsummer Bummer. I found myself staring at Macduff, but because I was trying to figure out where I saw him before. Turns out that he played Francis Weston in Wolf Hall! I gasped in the middle of a quiet pause and I’m sure I looked like an idiot but it was exciting.

The fever returned about two weeks later when our tour curved down into Stratford Upon Avon and we saw the incredible production of King Lear by the Royal Shakespeare Company. At first I only noticed a few of the extras that were rather nice looking but then Edgar came out and… Dang. Jordan and Quinn were in agreement with me, there was a fine dude.

The Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre
Inside where we sat for King Lear. As people were seated, more and more beggars came to sit on the stage.
The inside of the Theater.
I’d be lying if I didn’t say that part of the reason why we bought our tickets to Cymbeline the next day was to catch a glimpse of Edgar again- though he’d be Iachomo in the next night’s play. We were also interested in the play so we decided to go for it and we treated ourselves to good seats.

I’m very basic so I take a lot of ticket pictures.
From the left: Jordan, Quinn, and me! 

The program of the production.
Good heavens, were we enamoured with the sight of a man in a white suit speaking bits of Italian! There was certainly an element of his influence as I wrote this poem, though I doubt he’ll ever know and I’d hope that he won’t.

Looking back, it’s kind of silly and I thought I had finally gotten myself under control… but then the King Lear DVD came out and I fell in love with Edgar all over again.

Also, just a side note, if anyone’s going to Stratford sometime soon, stop by a pub called “The Rose and the Crown” and try the Million Dollar Cheesecake with the clotted vanilla ice cream.

Never has a better cheesecake ever existed.

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