Honest Writer’s Unblocking

I’ve heard that sometimes if you don’t know what to say that you should keep typing until something comes up and I decided to experiment and try that instead of working on my paper like a good little straight A student.

Here goes.


They say write write write

and don’t stop before

something true comes out.


There’s an innocence in the

first draft because it’s as if

saying something out loud

and not going back to backspace

a sigh or a breath or a voice.


Maybe the more I type the

more I’ll capture what it

feels like to press fingers

against my piano and create

something beautiful that can

only be heard and never read.


Maybe the more I write

I’ll do you good and write

you out of my head so you

stop having control over me,

stop making me feel the way I do

stop making me wish I were something

worth your love and worth your time.


Maybe the more I’ll write the more

I’ll escape from pay checks

and bills and deadlines and have

my pens and ink swallow me

entirely and completely whole.


They say literature is dead,

am I too late to the party?


Will I be ignored if I submit

a word, a stanza, a rhyme to

the air above and watch the

masters frown and say that

no age was as golden as the

one that lived before them?


Will I get you out of my head

will you leave me in peace

will you leave me alone

will you will you will you


Am I finally making abstract art?


Am I finally writing something

worth reading for the pretentious mass

and the ones that will compare me

to the old ones, the decomposed?


I haven’t stopped writing

so here is the honest truth in my head.


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