It’s the Little Things

Anyone who suffers from depression or anxiety knows that every day is a constant power struggle. If you're like me and you have both, sometimes it's all you can do to get out of bed. People who don't suffer from it don't know how exhausting it truly is to go through every day trying to... Continue Reading →


A Message to the 90% from the 10%

There's a saying I've heard from my mom that the 10% do 90% of the work and the 90% do 10% of the work. If you ask just about anyone about why they hated group projects in school, they'll likely say that it's because they were the ones that did all of the work. However,... Continue Reading →

Theatre and Love At First Sight

I've talked a big game about my poetry so it's about time that I actually posted some of it. So this is "The Actor". As the young actor recites his lines There’s something about his voice That sends shivers along the dips of her spine.   As he looks in her general direction There’s something... Continue Reading →

Finals Week and Anxiety: Why Am I Like This? 

I haven't been up to par as far as posting during these past two weeks, but I think my excuse as of late for doing just about anything is fairly good: finals. Studying for finals, stressing about finals, stress-eating about finals, procrastinating on finals. Really though, that excuse gets milked by students everywhere at the end... Continue Reading →

Concerning the Daffodils

Contrary to the title, my favorite flowers are actually stargazer lilies, but the daffodil influence must be credited to my admiration of the poet William Wordsworth. Among my other interests are writing- specifically poetry and fiction-, reading, playing the piano and guitar, knitting, baking, watching documentaries about British history, traveling, saving money for Hamilton tickets,... Continue Reading →

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